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Doura Barry


2006 - NANI



Label Sonia Store

Author, composer, arranger, guitarist, harmonica player, singer, dancer and sound engineer, Doura Barry, nicknamed "the Fulani pastor", was born on February 2, 1967 in Kindia (the city of citrus fruits), in, Guinea Father Foulbé (Halpulaar or Peuh) from Tougué in Fouta-Djalon and a mother from the Könön people of Forest Guinea.


Since her solo debut in 1986 and her hit “Les filles de mon pays”, Doura Barry has developed afro-folk, afro-blues or afro-fusion, mixing Pulaar (Fulani), Mandingo music , flamenco, blues, soul, folk jazz, pop or funk, sung in a soprano voice in Pulaar, Soussou, Malinké, Könön, French or Creole


In 1986, Doura Barry won the International Music Competition organized by the International Bank for West Africa (BIAO), with "Les filles de mon pays".


The success of this title reaches all of Guinea and opens the doors to international scenes.


In the same year, he was No. 1 in the hit parade of ORTM, the Office of Radio Broadcasting in Mali, where he performed triumphantly in Bamako and Ségou (Stade Omnisport and Maison de la Culture Bazoumana Cissoko).


Upon the release in 1988 of his first Guinea Winner cassette, he multiplied concerts in the sub-region, thus consolidating his notoriety in the Guinean musical landscape, and equipping his own home studio.


At the same time, Doura Barry, having acquired great experience as a sound engineer and his own equipment, became the favorite technician of many shows in his country.


In 1990, he participated in the RFI discovery awards ceremony in Conakry, and a year later, he gave a memorable concert at the Siaka Stevens Stadium (Sierra Leone) and represented his country at Afrovision, the pan-African song contest in Abidjan ( Ivory Coast).


In 1992, two concerts followed in Dakar, Senegal, at the Stade Iba Mar Diop and at the Hôtel Ngor where he met, among others, Youssou Ndour, Ismaël Lo and Baaba Maal with whom he later played at La Cigale. in Paris (France).

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