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Omar's style is raw, his music rooted in popular street expression. In fact, he has always sided with young people, from large suburbs or poor neighborhoods, students, the unemployed and peasants.

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Even today, he embodies hope and the future by cultivating closeness to his audience.

On the ground, it is his fans who answer him: organized since 1989, they work through the Afsud (the Amical des Fans du Super Diamono - the Super Diamono is the group that has followed Omar Pene for 30 years), in in favor of improving the living conditions of their fellow citizens.

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The group's impact then continued to grow, first among Dakar youth, but then among the international public, when, before being awarded a “Golden Kora” in Johannesburg in 1998, Omar Pène is crowned “Best African Musician” in the United States by CFTV.


"In the 70s, the music was dominated by griots, praise, we wanted to stand out with more committed themes" says Omar Pène when he recounts the beginnings of M'balaax, a mixture of West African rhythms and jazz, traditional and electric instruments, of which he remains to this day the best representative.


Her voice is recognized as one of the most beautiful in world music. His style mixing Senegalese sounds of M’balaax, rhythms of blues, jazz, reggae and salsa, make him a successful artist, now a legend among the greats of Senegal and Africa in general. Youssou N’Dour, his great "rival", calls him "the living legend of African music".

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Faithful to the commitments he has made for many years now, Omar Pene once again defends the younger generations with this new album. Released in December 2011, Ndayaan tells us about the misery of children to "teach the grown-ups", those who have made this world a society full of paradoxes and who have sacrificed their descendants. An opus with a universal outlook, an observation of a situation that can be found in Africa of course, but also on other continents. And because this observation can be expressed both verbally and musically, Omar Pene has chosen to use the recipe that made the success of “Ndam”, his previous album released in 2009: his own Mbalaax fusion.