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Woyei 2013

Watoto 2018

Alhassiri terey 2021

Endowed with great cohesion, Oumou Soumaré is a prodigy of Songhai music. She draws her inspiration from the tradition that she purifies to keep only the essential modernity.

With a luminous voice, Oumou sings about peace, love, the status of women, and social cohesion.

His album Woyei (women) which includes six tracks of happiness is a subtle mix of acoustic and electric. Distributed by Mali K7 S. A, Ali Farka Touré Partner.

If Oumou Soumaré stands out as a sure successor to Malian music, his creations augur what will be the Songhai music of the 3rd millennium.

Participation in television programs in Lali and in Canada

Montreal Francophone Festival
Rhythms of the world festival in Chicoutimi.
Rhythms of Africa Festival in Quebec and Cherbrook Canada.
Multicultural festivals in Moncton Halifax in Canada.
July 1 celebration in Ottawa.
Show woman voice in Toronto Canada.
Participation in African guitar summit in Toronto.
Acadian crackle festival.
World Acadian Congress.
Ogobagna Festival in Bamako.
Several September 22 celebrations in Montreal.


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