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Toguna Kultur aims to create jovial events in which the public will have fun, all in an exceptional moment "the joy of life".

The team takes the time to study the needs, the places, the costs, etc. for an optimal organization adapted to our customer project.

Created in 2020, each member is a fund of culture and professional with experience in organizing various events.

As a true partner, the members will put all the skills at your fingertips. We will also give you recommendations and suggestions in order to organize the desired event.

Present on all creative, technical, and human aspects, Toguna Kultur will organize your event whatever its size, and expertise, it will produce a unique quality event to satisfy our customers.

For professional events, our objective will be also to enhance your company and brand image through the event.

Youssouf Karembe Toguna Kultur

Youssouf Karembe

Production and Artists Booking Director

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