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Fala 2008


Of royal stock, Tom Diakité is from Filadougou Barkaya, in the south of Mali. A multifaceted man, his multidimensional work makes him a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and performer. Noticed from an early age during the musical festivities of his village and region, he quickly became a professional in Abidjan.


From 1978, his recognized artistic versatility made him one of the most sought-after artists on the African music scene and contributed to his participation in VOIX LEAD albums. Hard worker, this prodigious player of donso ngoni, kora, sanza and percussion, multiplies meetings and experiences with big names worldwide.


From 1986, he will enrich his research with crossed views with talents like Ousmane Kouyaté, Kanté Manfila, the group Almade Noche on tour with Johnny Halliday, Chico and the Gipsy King, Salif Keïta, Mory Kanté, Sushela Raman, through spaces as different as Guinea, Sierra Leone, La Francopholies de la Rochelle, Métis music from Angoulême, Switzerland, Milan, Madrid, Lisbon, Canada and the famous Womad by Peter Gabriel in London.


In 1994, he produced his first album under the label Salsa Center: it was a success. For the prevention of AIDS in Africa, he will be one of the composers alongside TouréKunda and the great Manu Dibango for the creation of the Paris Dakar disc.


The same year in Dublin, Ireland, he represented France in the Eurovision competition with singer Nina Moreto. Between 1999 and 2004, under the Real World label, Peter Gabriel produced two albums for him: Nostalgia, then Espace, on behalf of his group Tama, with the key to international tours in the USA, Japan, Europe…


An eclectic and multidisciplinary spirit, Tom Diakité naturally comes to remarkable experiences as a composer of film music, including Keïta by Dani Kouyaté, Villa mon rêve, Fusto et la dame blanche, Women at the foot of the wall, Darre Salam by Serge Nabil , but also as an actor in the theater, with Peter Brook and his favorite actor Sotiqui Kouyate;


which will definitely establish its reputation in the world of international show biz. Today, this follower of interdisciplinarity returns to us with his new more personal album whose release is planned for 2006, to transport us, tireless traveler and unrepentant nomad, from the first to the last song, in the heart of his magical Africa in a musical atmosphere to give you the thrill and to take your breath away.


Tom Diakité or the enchantment of an Enchanter ... Ndongo Mbaye

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